Friday, August 20, 2004

I truly don't know where the time goes. I started this week with a list o'stuff and still have that list. I have accomplished a few things...finished the back of Rogue, knit an IPod cozy for Jed, got all eighty pounds of tomatoes canned and had my eyes checked. All good things. My eyes have improved from whatever whatever to 20/20 for distance. Close up, on the other least I think there's another hand cause at this distance I COULDN'T TELL YOU IF THERE WAS ANOTHER over forty year old eyes are acting their age. The nerve. The girls and I leave tomorrow for Maryland...taking Myrrha down to school...a road trip is the best and having kids trapped for hours in a car with you...well, it's the closest thing to heaven on earth. I love that. As excited as I am to spend a couple of days with these young women I'm thrilled to have my daughter all to myself for a day or two. Bliss. Meanwhile, as I'm heading south, my husband heads north to meet his cousins that didn't know he existed...ok...the Reader's Digest version is this...

In '55, Steve's mom, a minister's daughter, met and had a brief relationship with this man who shall not be named...(no, not Lord Voldemort...but beginning to seem as e-vil.) Steve learned of this when he was in his late teens, early twenties and has been searching for his biological father since. A few months ago, I found him. I called, leaving a message and to our surprise and delight, he wrote a letter. The first letter was guarded....certainly understandable...but somewhat positive and went downhill from there. After a couple of mean spirited letters, we had given up on ever meeting him. Enter the of whom responded to a query I left on an ancestry board. Steve called her and walla...she's kind, positive, receptive, excited and looking forward to meeting him. And..the best part ( gets better...) one of the nine cousins lives here...on the island...AND (phew!) she's driving with him up to New Hampshire tomorrow....go figure...

ya know...this whole blogging thing touches me in a way that I just realized...when I was young I had an imaginary friend named Cindy Wolf. She was a wolf...hence the name. She wore a little plaid skirt (pleated, with suspenders) and a short sleeved white blouse that buttoned in the back...peter pan collar of course. I would talk to her for hours....she was my best friend. Blogging is like having imaginary friends. I *know* that people are reading much like I *knew* Cindy was with me. Ignorance is bliss methinks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I be your "imaginary" friend? I'm not so imaginary, really, but I do read your blog and I hope you'll read mine.


August 21, 2004 at 6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How great (and strange!) that one of Steve's cousins was so close! I hope you are having a wonderful road trip, and your to-do list just awed me. I... well, I pulled a couple weeds. And let a bat out of the house, although that wasn't on my list. Have fun!


August 24, 2004 at 10:38 PM  

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